Conference Speaker Presentations


Industry Tracks Speaker Presentation Topic
Biotech, Pharma, & HealthcCare Asokan Selvaraj, MedImpact Changing Face of Healthcare - May the Force be with you
Yvette Durazo, Unitive Consulting Managing Conflicts In and Out of the Lab
Construction, Architecture & Engineering  Jay Miller, Baker Electric Solar Relating PMI to the Construction World
Paul Stout, Power Summit Reaching for Greatness
Defense & Government John Quigley, SAIC DOD/Federal Program Management Forecast
Sylvia Carr, Hewlett Packard Defense and Government Centers of Excellence
Technology & Information Systems Nick Errico, General Datatech Where the Rubber Meets the Road
Tim Reynal, AT&T Looking Holistically at the Internet of Things; The Connected World
Consulting & Entrepreneurship Deirdre Maloney, Momentum, LLC The Good, The Bad, The AWESOME
Barbara Gunning, Rocking Your Team Selling Yourself and Your Ideas 
 Seminars  Speakers
Full Day Seminar Deirdre Maloney Bogus Balance: Your Journey to Real Work/Life Bliss
Joshua Szarek  Leadership + PMA = Success
Half Day Seminar AM  Dr. Cynthia Boccara  Putting Presence into your Projects
Neil Love  Lower Your Blood Pressure While Super Charging Your Project
Jeffrey Zlotnik  Meditation: A Daily Practice for Managing Stress
Half Day Seminar PM Nadarajah / Unruh  Creating Conscious Corporations
George Pitagorsky  The Zen Approach to Project Management
Jonathan Seitz  Leading People: The Core of Project Management