Our Volunteers 2018


The Project Management Institute - San Diego Chapter would like to give special thanks to the following volunteer members for their dedicated support during the year of 2018. We are grateful to have such an active community, who individually create, lead, and drive networking opportunities to bring San Diegan project management professionals from all sectors together. Thank you for your hard work.


Co-Deputy Vice President

Susan Johnson

Ben Sumi

Membership Volunteers

Patrick King

Delia Raymundo

Prema Kinthada

Michele Corneglio

Karen Sanchez

Lisa Brewer

Joanna Palmer

Brendon Hagerty

Jill Frack

Homer Dowlat



Deputy Vice President

Heather Champoux

Sponsor Manager

Monet Williams

Outreach Coordinator

Patrick King


Darcy Feld

Website Content

Neil Thompson

Military Content

Edward Xia

Robert Graham

Jeff Scudder



Deputy Vice President

Gregory Duncan

Assistant Vice President

Alexiz Martinez

Website Director

Janet Braun

Email Director

Marinida Souza

Social Media Manager

Eddie Brown

Conference Communications Director

Terry Chau

Technology Director

Vivek Chiddarwar


Back-Up Deputy Vice President Adel Toribio
Data System Volunteer & Speaker Coordinator

John (Chip) Chadbourne

Richard Moore

Data Systems Manager

Susan Murphy

Director Speakers' Bureau

Mark Title

PD B-Fast Manager

Mike Olivier

NC B-Fast Manager

Sherry Remington

NC B-Fast Co-Manager

Kristina Turner

Survey Team Manager

Anne Knowles

Survey Team Member

Whitney Webber

Career Development B-Fast Manager

Barbara Gunning

Dinner Event Manager 

Audrey Radi

Dinner Event Co-Manager

Ronald Tschech

Balboa Flash Breakfast Manager

Christina Danley

Balboa Flash Breakfast Co-Manager

Scott Conway

Lunch Event Manager

Kevin Steiger

Registration Managers

Sandra Faulkner



Deputy Vice President

Vinita Kapur

Director of Accounting

Steve Anderson