About The Chapter Mentorship Program

The program partners chapter members who are junior project managers with more experienced project managers. The partners work together on a mentoring plan to share and discuss Project Management concepts, knowledge, skills and their applicability in the real word. Based on the number of submitted applications, the mentorship committee will determine when to hold the next mentorship matching session. There is no charge to apply or participate in the mentorship program, if selected.

What is a Mentor?
A mentor is a professional project manager with over four years of experience, who voluntarily provides friendly manner advice to less experienced project management practitioners.

What is a Mentee?
A mentee is a newcomer to project management profession or someone with a limited experience who is looking to obtain advice from a seasoned professional.

How does the mentoring program work?

The mentoring program runs as a process in which the Mentor guides and supports the professional development of the Mentee outside the normal manager/subordinate relationship.

  • All participants in the program must submit an application to the mentoring committee. Mentors / Mentees must provide background, contact/ relevant information and experience by completing and submitting the APPLICATION FORMS.   Mentoring Committee collects all submissions by event deadline for pre-work. Mentors and Mentees are matched base on a rotating round table interview with each participant for 10 minutes. Ranking and pairing is performed by committee based from participant feedback. Mentor/Mentee will get to confirm their match during the Pairing session.

  • At the Pairing session, the committee will cover expectations of both the Mentee and Mentor roles and share information about some of the approaches that other PMI-SD pairs have taken. Once a match is confirmed, meetings are arranged over the next few months to exchange their knowledge and experience. Mentors will be drawing on their own experiences to share stories and advice along with pointers to other resources that they think would be helpful to your Mentee. Mentees, in return, will share their experiences, ideas and knowledge they gain from their Mentors. Also, any tools and techniques that both works well between Mentor and Mentee.

Testimonials from Previous Program Participants

Jay Miller, Mentor
“The PMI-SD Mentorship Program was extremely enjoyable for me. I feel I benefitted as much or more than my Mentee. It obviously helps to have a Mentee that is dedicated to the PM profession with a wide array of experiences. I would recommend this program to anyone that wants to improve their network in the PM world!!!”

Lisa Thompson, Mentor
“The PMI-SD Mentorship Program is a great venue for sharing experiences, successes and opportunities for improvement. It provides an avenue for professional development for both the mentor and the mentee. It also provides a confidential way to obtain advice and guidance and an opportunity to develop ideas with an unbiased source. The PMI-SD Mentorship Program is an especially great way for a new or developing Project Manager to learn from someone who is more experienced in their PM career. I would highly recommend this program to others.”

Pleshette Fambrough, Mentee
“I really enjoyed the experience. Lisa was a great mentor. She’s very knowledgeable and helpful and interested in my success. The program definitely met my expectations and I think I learned a lot of useful skills being paired with Lisa. The goals we laid out at the beginning I believe were met and I’m very satisfied with the overall experience.”

Michelle Lagos, Mentee
“I am incredibly pleased with my experience in the mentorship program. During the time in the program, I was able to get advice on qualifying for my certification test, as well as get help with the confidence to take the test.
It’s lovely to interact with someone who has been in the project management field for years, and to learn about their journey. The project management world/industry is in the middle of a great expansion, and it’s nice to have a mentor who can help clear the clutter between programs, trainings and fields.”